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A Deep Learning Tutorial: From Perceptrons to Deep Networks

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It’s spread beyond the academic world with major players like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook creating their own research teams and making some impressive acquisitions. Some this can

Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year

Great developments in text, voice, and computer vision technologies At Statsbot, we’re constantly reviewing the deep learning achievements to improve our models and product. Around Christmas time, our team decided to take stock of the recent achievements in deep learning

Convolutional Neural Networks from the ground up

A NumPy implementation of the famed Convolutional Neural Network: one of the most influential neural network architectures to date. When Yann LeCun published his work on the development of a new kind of neural network architecture [1], the Convolutional Neural Network

Deep Learning for Computer Vision (Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI)

The talks at the Deep Learning School on September 24/25, 2016 were amazing. I clipped out individual talks from the full live streams and provided links to each below in case that’s useful for people who want to watch specific

Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition – Stanford

  Prerequisites and Prework Is Machine Learning Crash Course right for you? Please read through the following Prerequisites and Prework sections before beginning Machine Learning Crash Course, to ensure you are prepared to complete all the modules.