Category: Computer Vision

You can now Build your own 3D Digital Face Emoji using Deep Learning

Overview The deep learning model can build a remarkably accurate facial and hair 3D digital avatar Buit using an extremely deep neural network with over 50 layers Over 40,000 images of various hairstyles used to train the neural network Check

Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year

Great developments in text, voice, and computer vision technologies At Statsbot, we’re constantly reviewing the deep learning achievements to improve our models and product. Around Christmas time, our team decided to take stock of the recent achievements in deep learning

Intuitively Understanding Convolutions for Deep Learning

Exploring the strong visual hierarchies that makes them work The advent of powerful and versatile deep learning frameworks in recent years has made it possible to implement convolution layers into a deep learning model an extremely simple task, often achievable in

Computer Vision by Andrew Ng — 11 Lessons Learned

Created in week 4 of the course. Combined Ng’s face with the style of Rain Princess by Leonid Afremov. I recently completed Andrew Ng’s computer vision course on Coursera. Ng does an excellent job at explaining many of the complex ideas